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Club Calf Show Prospects / Replacements for Sale

 October 7th, 2012


West Fork Ranch and the Setlik's have teamed up again to provide you the opportunity to purchase your club calves for the upcoming show season.  Due to the drought conditions this summer, we are not doing a pasture sale.  We have pushed the sale date back this year to Oct. 7th.  The calves have been weaned and will be available to be viewed after Sept. 19th.  Bids will close on SUNDAY, Oct. 7th, 2012 at dark.

We have selected 35 head of Steers/Heifers for your inspection. We have color too….roans to smokies!!!

Sires include: Monopoly, Preditor, Immortal, Eye Candy, Heat Wave, Eyes on the Money, Bold Statement, Carnac, San Saba, Alias

The calves will be located close to Loup City,  Please give us a call to come look.

The bidding process will work as follows:

  •  All calves will start at an equal base bid.
  •  Bids will be taken in $100.00 increments up until the closing time
  •  At that time we will put together a sale order based on the highest bid
  • We will then call everyone that bid on that animal and give them a chance to increase their bid and we will keep going until the high bidder is left

If you have any questions or want to come take a look at the offering, give any of us a call anytime.
Roseann Wilson (308) 750-8708
Doug Setlik (308) 730-0603

West Fork Ranch, 78939 Hwy 10, Loup City, NE 68853











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