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Red Angus Females

When Henry had the intuition to build a Red Angus herd, he wanted the best. So he went out and got it. He acquired Panhandle Penny 006 (Atlas’s mother) and Panhandle 219 and began flushing them. To compliment the herd Red Tassel Chivalory 1G was added to the bull battery from the Straka herd dispersal sale. Chivalory’s daughters have helped to grow the herd up to 75 cows, where we are today. At Peterson’s Red Angus dispersion, a group of the top numbered heifers was purchase to breed to 1G. They have made their mark in the maternal line-up at the West Fork.

Below are pictures of the quality females that are producing your next herd sire.

West Fork Ranch, 78939 Hwy 10, Loup City, NE 68853

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